Firm founder Chris Gair has represented major companies in some of the biggest price-fixing cases of the last 20 years.  In the Carbon Dioxide Antitrust Litigation, Gair represented more than 20 major bottlers, brewers and food processors who opted out of a class action and won a huge settlement on the eve of trial. In the Sorbates Antitrust Litigation, he represented a group of Fortune 500 companies that had been cheated for two decades by an international price-fixing cartel and achieved a settlement for a small group of clients that dwarfed the recovery by the plaintiff class.  Gair also played a key role in winning a landmark settlement against an international cartel in the Vitamins Antitrust Litigation. 

On the defense side, Gair represented Forest Laboratories in the Brand Name Prescription Drug Antitrust Litigation, won a directed verdict at the end of a three-month trial and then secured a multi-million dollar sanctions award against the class plaintiffs’ lawyers for deliberately misrepresenting evidence in order to avoid summary judgment.  He represented the whistleblower in the Ready Mix Concrete Antitrust Litigation in Indianapolis.  We have also handled monopolization and Robinson-Patman cases.